Are you interested what it is like to study Industrial Design Engineering? Cedric shows you from his own day in day out experience what it is like. Buy digital brochure and be part of his team. Learning at an early age can lead to lifelong career success, not only in design but also in other fields. Become a product designer!

industrial design engineering

With over 30 years industrial design engineering experience, Cedric knows what it takes to get it right. A product development and user-centred organisation at the forefront of sustainability, he believes that an organisation should make a real effort to work for the environment. He would like to see a world where products are manufactured to last, rather than throwaway products. Creating a product that lasts requires real innovation and thinking, and this is where the innovative minds of a design team can come in.

The aim of the programme is to create sustainable products in an ever-changing industrial landscape. It includes state-of-the-art training and qualification so you can become an industrial designer one day at a time. There are also opportunities to combine your education with work experience, giving you an increased remuneration and a wider choice of career. You can tailor your study to suit your own interests and qualifications, including learning about sustainable design engineering, the uses of graphic communication and 3D computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing and product development.

The first part of the programme is a foundation year course in industrial design engineering, covering key aspects of the entire design process, including industrial specification, cost analysis, project management, cost control, project execution, design documentation and project testing. The second part of the programme focuses on the design process itself, delivering the knowledge to design professionals to turn their ideas into reality. During the second year students will study industrial specification and industrial design technology, using case studies and interactive learning experiences. The last year of the programme focuses on practicum, giving students the chance to implement what they have learnt and gain hands on experience in a real life setting. Students may choose to continue on to a Bachelors degree, or pursue a Master of Business Administration or further qualifications.

After completion of the industrial design engineering course, candidates can look forward to a rewarding career. There are a number of job opportunities available, both in the design process and for those who are already established in their field. Candidates in the manufacturing sector will be able to gain an understanding of material handling and manufacturing procedures and apply these skills to developing new designs. Those involved in the creative industries will be able to create bespoke visualisations, utilise different technologies and communicate their ideas using multimedia.

The industrial design engineering course incorporates scientific principles, along with learning about practicum and internship. At the end of the year students can expect to complete a portfolio project, which will be displayed to employers. The product development course teaches students how to use engineering design and drafting to develop concepts into working designs. These projects involve both the student and a selected professional who acts as mentor, and students can expect to spend two years studying at either a university or a professional college.