The Carpentry and Construction Trades training program offer students the chance to experience the fundamentals in a host of trade fields. The program gives students the opportunity to work side by side with experienced professionals to gain hands-on experience and classroom instruction in all aspects of the building industry. It also introduces students to the latest technology in carpentry and construction. This training program is perfect for anyone hoping to break into the building trade, or anyone who wants to add to their existing carpentry and construction skills.

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Today’s construction boom has resulted in an influx of new career opportunities for carpentry and construction workers. In addition to these career opportunities, many people with carpentry and construction experience are bringing their skills to bear in the historic preservation field. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the varied careers that can be pursued with carpentry and construction experience.

One ideal career for someone with carpentry and construction experience is the restoration and preservation of historic buildings. Many local historic preservation groups are looking for carpenters to help them with the upkeep and maintenance of their properties. For example, many historic preservation groups often require carpenters to help them restore or rebuild historic homes, churches, and other properties that they’re working on. Some of these groups may even use your carpentry and construction skills to help design and create unique architectural features. If you have experience working in the historic preservation field, your carpentry and construction skills may be put to good use in this capacity.

Another example of a great career with carpentry and construction is in the realm of sustainable architecture and historic preservation. A number of cities around the country have been designated as “green” cities. These cities try to use materials and techniques that are as friendly to the environment as possible. Carpenters can often help out with this effort by constructing outdoor furniture or benches that are made from rattan, an eco-friendly and renewable material. If you enjoy being outdoors, you may want to consider installing or rehabbing existing outdoor structures such as decks, porches, walkways, and more. Your carpentry and construction skills may come in handy!

Hardwood Lumber Is Still in Demand Although bamboo has quickly replaced it as a trendy natural building material, many people still prefer to work with hardwood lumber. The type of wood used in hardwood lumber generally has a longer life than carpets or rugs. This means that you’ll have fewer costs associated with replacing damaged or broken furniture. Hardwood lumber is also stronger than carpets and rugs, which can be good news for those families with children who have accidents and pets who like to play in bed or in the corner of the room.

Whether you’re working with solid wood or engineered hardwood lumber, you’ll need some basic carpentry skills. There are two primary ways to cut down your learning curve. One way is to complete an apprenticeship with a carpenter. By working with a master carpenter you can complete projects and learn important carpentry and construction techniques. The other way is to complete an apprenticeship with a reputable carpentry shop that offers virtual tours of their shop. Here’s how it works.

During your apprenticeship you’ll spend time working with both solid hardwood lumber and engineered hardwood lumber. You’ll learn the difference between solid hardwood lumber, as well as the differences between brands and types. During your time with the shop you’ll be able to take virtual tours of their entire facility, get to meet with other craftsmen, discuss construction techniques, and take advantage of hands-on instruction.

With your carpentry and construction skills under your belt you can then go and find a project that matches your skill level. For instance, if you’re looking at doing some renovation in your home, maybe you have an old couch that needs to be replaced. Or maybe you’re working on a small kitchen remodel. You could learn the nuances of bamboo remodeling or using reclaimed wood. If there’s a particular type of woodworking or carpentry processes you want to master, you could use online lessons, hands-on workshops, or hands-on projects. Your carpentry and construction experience will help you complete a wide variety of projects throughout your home improvement career.